Pinner's Voices

Pinner's Voices

Pinner's Voices

We are lifted up by all the amazing people wearing the pins - Pinners. Like us, they are all about LOVE.

Here are some of their comments: 

Celebrating LOVE

Thank you for working on a positive way to celebrate LOVE and put it out there for great organizations
Thanks for putting time, energy, and love into this project.
I love the idea behind it.

Beautiful Design

Beautiful design for a beautiful cause!
Penelope's design is wonderful.
Love this symbol and this cause!
This is beautiful!!!! We will wear them with pride!

Sharing with others

Sharing these with all the women in my family who'll be marching in DC on January 21.
I couldn't stop at just one! One for me, my 15 year old daughter, and three more for my best friends. Such a great cause!!!!

Love the Causes
I adore this cause AND the pin. Thank you!
Can't go to the march… This is next best thing.
As the mother of young daughters, I have to be their voice for their future. Their bodies, their choices!! 

Words of Support

What an amazing thing you are doing! Thank you!
Love everything about this!
Sending love & joy & peace & strength to you!


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