This is my soundtrack as I attempt to Grow the World's Supply of Love. I often listed to a song on repeat for hours. It settles my mind and keeps me focused. And, when I'm out hiding Superlove, I have this sountrack to keep me company. I hope it does the same for you.

🤟 Nate

Kate Lind & Nate Stevens founded Pincause as a non-partisan approach to spreading love and uniting people around important causes. It started with the Women’s March when they commissioned an artist to create a pin that raised $2 from every pin sold for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. After 12 weeks, from their 500 sq ft. apartment in Ann arbor, MI, they raised over $160k to support a variety of causes.

Pincause now commissions artists to raise money for other critical causes, from the Refugee Crisis to Ending Puppy Mills. Each pin features original works of art that create a unifying visual force and raises money for organizations doing outstanding work. Kate & Nate believe Pincause is proof that a little idea can have a big impact! To date they have raised over $190K for Big Causes with Little Work of Arts.


 Kate + Nate are available for interviews. All media inquiries should be directed to: