This is my soundtrack as I attempt to Grow the World's Supply of Love. I often listed to a song on repeat for hours. It settles my mind and keeps me focused. And, when I'm out hiding Superlove, I have this sountrack to keep me company. I hope it does the same for you.

🤟 Nate

"Pincause really hit home for me because I truly believe that compassion and understanding, for ALL people, are the keys to solving many of the world’s problems – especially right now. And I think women are the ones who will carry that message forward so I’m proud to add my voice."


Penelope Dullaghan

Penelope is an illustrator, pattern designer and creative explorer based in Indianapolis. She has worked with a wide variety of clients, big and small, and has been recognized by Communication Arts, CA Typography, 3×3 Magazine, Society of Illustrators LA, HOW and Print Magazines. She’s also had the honor of judging illustration awards for Communications Arts and CMYK. 

We encourage you to Learn more about Penelope and see her amazing work at

Kat Ku

Kat Ku Pet Photographer

Having been denied much of her life of cute pets and doing anything artistic, it only naturally made sense to have these two things come together to form Kat’s biggest passion: creating really adorable and beautiful images of other people’s pets.

Due to a childhood that consisted of little TV (b/c the parents were too cheap to pay for cable :o) and lots of books—Kat has a humorous and overactive imagination. This imagination has served her well in coming up with creative photoshoot ideas. Of course, when working with animals, they often have ideas of their own, so things don’t always work out. But when they do, and even when they don’t, the images are still kind of awesome. 

Often commented on how patient she is with pets and their owners, Kat takes her time to get the best shots that capture the personality of your pet. For her most recent work, check out her blog here, and if you are ready to having some amazing photos captured of your pet, go ahead and say hello. Don’t be shy, Kat would love to hear from you!