This is my soundtrack as I attempt to Grow the World's Supply of Love. I often listed to a song on repeat for hours. It settles my mind and keeps me focused. And, when I'm out hiding Superlove, I have this sountrack to keep me company. I hope it does the same for you.

🤟 Nate


Telling people, "I Voted" is not enough this year, that's why we joined the Pincause I'M VOTING Campaign. 


CALL FOR ARTISTS.  Emerging artists, between the age of 13 and 21 are invited to submit portfolios/webpages or sketches to design the Women's March Youth Empower + I'M VOTING Pin supporting the mobilizing of youth voters in the United States to enact change in November.  An iconic piece that thousands of youth will proudly wear to declare, "I'M VOTING" and rally their communities to turn out and vote this November too. 


PINCAUSE.  For each pin sold Pincause will donate at least $2.  We launched the first Pincause in Jan 2017.  To-date that pin has raised over $105K for ACLU and Planned Parenthood.  We’ve now partnered with 9 artists, made 14 unique pins, sold 110K copies, and raised over $225K.


DETAILS.  Accepting submissions through June 25th.  Submissions can be emailed to - Portfolios can be links to your webpage. 


ARTWORK.  We are looking for original artwork.  You can see our full collection of pins here.  You can also see the visual feel of the Women's March Youth Empower on their Instagram page. 
* Artist’s are paid a 6 % royalty for an exclusive license to the work


CANVAS.  Between a 1" and 2.25” round buttons printed in full color CYMK in matte finish.  Final artwork will be 1/8” bleed and submitted in high res jpeg or png format.